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We are a team...

We are a team of writers and enthusiasts  who started out just writing  about  Food Conferences from New Zealand and around the world. We loved listening to foodies and what they talk about, however the scope of the conferences just never seemed to be enough.  The idea came up that we would cover food conferences all around the world so we can stay up to date however we should also cover the local foodies and what they are up to. People in the industry reached out to us to create a website that talks in detail about all things you find at food conferences all over the world but also how that related back to New Zealand and our own culinary scene back here.  We are slowly branching out to talk about topics that neighbour food conference, so please keep checking in as we are hoping to provide something for everyone.

What we do:

What we do is very simple but also very important at the same time. We bring the world closer together thru food. We are very passionate about food and all it's physical and mental benefits and we want to share those with you. We want to share views from chefs around wth world who use new and innovative ways to shape the future of the food industry. We look at how they use technology with food, the new cuisines that emerge, and the evolution of food culture around the world. Not to mention, a lot of important figures in the food industry show up to discuss some hot topics. So here is what we do in a nutshell. 

  • Summarize the content about the food conference throughout the world so you can easily see new trends.
  • Bring you news about food in the world from the best and most respected culinary sources.
  • Discuss upcoming food related topics
  • Help you read about and learn the latest techniques from food lovers everywhere.

Why Choose us:

We are not just interested in broadcasting news about food conferences and the individual stalls around the world,  we also want to cover content that is dedicated to food i general. We love food from all around the world, so we always educate ourselves about the science, history, and culture of some of the foods in the mainstream. Our large team of writers is unique in the sense that we all come from different parts New Zealand and share different angles, but we all link up for one goal; and that is to bring you the absolute best content possible on all things food related.

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